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"Easily Incorporate Social Networking Share & Like Buttons Into Your Web-Site or Web-Pages With DR.Hair's StyleaSite!"

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"Easily Rotate Photos and Content Like This With Your StyleaSite Web-Site Builder - No (Scripting or .html) Skills Required...!"

Your Web-Site should be a showcase of the products and services you offer. Organizing your showcase professionally will make a solid impression on your clients and your potential clients.

With your Style-A-Site, you have a good variety of options to create those showcases. This page will give you examples of the different ways your Style-A-Site can do this for you. If you can point and click than you can create these showcases and keep them fresh.

If you do not have photographs, contact us at Style-A-Site  and we can show you where to get affordable stock photography, help you digitally prepare your photographs for inclusion into your Style-A-Site, or, in some cases, we may be able to send a professional to your site to take digital photographs for a reasonable fee.

The showcase above is a thumbnail gallery. Click on any of the photographs to see how it works!

The showcase above is another example of a thumbnail gallery. This gallery is a useful way to create faster loading pages. This gallery lets your clients scroll through thumbnail photos and enlarge only the one they want to view.

The rotating image gallery above is an extremely helpful way to keep fresh content on your home page. Use of this feature means fresh photo content will be displayed to every visitor who clicks your home page. Stale Web-Sites discourage repeat visitors.
The showcase above is a scrolling showcase. These showcases can be extremely helpful when located at the top of a product or services page. You client will see a variety of your products or services displayed without having to click.
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